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EASA Part-145 Approval? Start small – End big!

Obtaining an EASA Part-145 approval is a major challenge by itself. Sufficient financial resources must be available, a solid company structure must be present and you must also have a Quality Manual, a so-called Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE) that meets the requirements set by EASA and the Competent Authority (NAA).

These are the primary requirements that you must meet to be able to submit an EASA Part-145 approval application.

However, where many potential EASA Part-145 companies are going wrong, is the extent of the scope of approval  for their initial certification. When the scope of approval or the capability list is highly variable and extensive, the process of becoming EASA Part-145 certified, will become long and often difficult. We have seen this at various clients of ours and therefore we recommend to start “small”.

We advise organizations that want an initial EASA Part-145 approval to make their scope of approval and the capability list as concise as possible, but to take into account the fact that the maintenance activities (inspection / test, repair, overhaul, modification) are present as much as possible for the aircraft, engine or components that are initially included in the rating.

This ensures that the on-site audit of EASA or the Competent Authority does not have to be lengthy and extensive and the risk of multiple findings is therefore reduced.

After the initial EASA Part-145 approval has been acquired, the organization can use the MOE procedure for adding aicraft, engines or components the scope of work or capability list. This gives your company more control over the progress of the expanding your EASA Part-145 approval.

Through our years of experience in helping companies to become EASA Part-145 certified, we can offer appropriate support to organizations in quickly obtaining an EASA Part-145 approval.

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