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UPDATE: Per 01-March-2021, HACE will no longer facilitate the Part-66 examinations. The examination activities will be transfered to Dutch Aviation Learning Center ( and they will continue the examination activities at the same examination location: Noordmeerstraat 20, 2131 AD Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.

EASA Part 66 Examinations facilitated by DALC (

As an Aircraft Mechanic, you must hold an EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML) to be able to do your job. With our Examinations you will be able to get the right certification! After successfully passing the Part 66 Module Examination you will receive a Certificate of Recognition, also know as an EASA Form 148. This certificate is recognized by the EU and will remain valid for a period of 10 years. In order to provide the relevant examinations, we have partnered up with a EASA Part 147 approved Basic Training Organization.

At our examination facility in Hoofddorp, we offer the following EASA Part 66 Module examinations:

CAT A1/A2 → EASA Part 66 CAT A1/A2 Basic Examinations

  • Category A1 – Aeroplane Turbine, Line Maintenance Certifying Mechanic
  • Category A2 – Aeroplane Piston, Line Maintenance Certifying Mechanic

CAT B1 → EASA Part 66 CAT B1 Basic Examinations

  • Category B1.1 – Aeroplane Turbine, Base Maintenance Certifying Technician
  • Category B1.2 – Aeroplane Piston, Base Maintenance Certifying Technician
  • Category B1.3 – Helicopter Turbine, Base Maintenance Certifying Technician
  • Category B1.4 – Helicopter Piston, Base Maintenance Certifying Technician

CAT B1.1 to B2 → EASA Part 66 Delta CAT B1.1 to B2 Basic Examinations

  • Category B2 – Avionics Certifying Technician     

CAT B2 → EASA Part 66 CAT B2 Basic Examinations

  • Category B2 – Avionics Certifying Technician

What is unique about our EASA Part 66 Examinations?

✓ The examinations and e-books are in English;
✓ Examination questions are based on the e-books;
✓ Registration is open and flexible to suit your calendar.
✓ The price is applicable for both examination and re-examinations. You only pay € 80,- (excl. VAT) for an examination or re-examination.

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