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HACE enhances MRO shop Performance through innovative new concept.

We have reinvented ourselves. HACE was founded in 2009 with a mission to help innovate the MRO industry with expertise and knowledge in training and consultancy. During this time, we were able to gain more knowledge on MRO Shops, and have seen the issues management and staff faces on a daily. Even after 10 years, we are still passionate about helping MRO Shops learning and growing.

Over the past decade, HACE has become the leading specialist for MRO Shops. We provide worldwide support to MRO Shops by transforming existing compliance strategies into continuous internal process improvements; an innovative and new concept for the industry.

By thorough analysis, we have been able to identify gaps in service performance. We see these gaps as a trend in many, if not all MRO Shops worldwide. The HACE approach is threefold; we identify opportunities, we build a strategy and integrate the solutions.
Based on our experience with training we are able directly improve business performance using best in class MRO processes in a proven manner; broken down in our unique five step approach.

We do not focus on the process alone, but also look closely to other aspects of your business, such as your back office and supply chain. Managing the back office can be a challenging. HACE assists in setting up standard operating procedures, guaranteeing greater visibility and control in your daily activities.

Our team is known in the industry for its innovative, yet unbiased approach. Open minded and able to pinpoint issues quickly, due to its years of experience in MRO Shops. We provide guaranteed process improvement because we know the process of a component repair shop. We see performance enhancement in MRO Shops not as a single action of improvement, but are driven to continuously improve your organization.

With our successful improvement concepts, your organisation will not only improve quality but also gain higher revenues. And together we will leave competition far behind.

In the coming days, we will share more with you about our innovative improvement concepts. Coming up next: our ideas of clever Part management.

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