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    Last week we have had the privilege to provide training to ST Aerospace Engines in Singapore. They contacted us with the requests if we could train them on compliance details..
    Obtaining an EASA Part-145 approval is a major challenge by itself. Sufficient financial resources must be available, a solid company structure must be present and you must also have a..
    After many conversations with Component Repair Shops and their management, it becomes clear to us that innovation is a subject of interest, but actually doing innovation is something else. Is..
    How MRO shops can manage their inventory more clever Most MRO shops struggle with inventory shortages, due to lack of parts on the market or long lead times for parts..
    Come to HACE in the Netherlands to continue your EASA Part-66 Module Examinations! When the No Deal Brexit takes effect on 29th of March 2019, all EASA Part-147 organizations in..
    HACE enhances MRO shop Performance through innovative new concept. We have reinvented ourselves. HACE was founded in 2009 with a mission to help innovate the MRO industry with expertise and..
    Why does Lean six sigma not work for MRO component shops? I have regularly visited MRO components shops for work, and it struck me how modern, high tech shops are..

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