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Our experiences have led to a unique vision for MRO Organizations, who want to lead the way in a rapidly changing and competitive market. Our experiences have led to a unique vision for MRO Organizations, who want to lead the way in a rapidly changing and competitive market. We provide a wide range of Consultancy, Support and Training services to MRO Organizations.

All services and products we offer, directly or indirectly relate to avaition maintenance activities. Several additional non-aviation maintenance related services we also offer, are realized by working together with subject matter experts. With these experts, HACE has set-up partnerships for subjects that are not part of our daily scope of work.

About HACE

HACE strives to make good MRO Organizations great! Over the past decade, HACE has become the leading specialist for MRO Organizations. Thanks to our hands-on experience, technical knowledge and compliance management expertise, we truly understand the comprehensive internal processes of today’s MRO Organization.

Through a five phase approach we can determine the gap between your actual and desired performance and achieve the results you have been dreaming of. With our approach you will achieve that desired Turn Around Time reduction, significant increases of On-Time Delivery and drastic minimization of shop returns (Failure On Fit). We provide worldwide support to MRO Organizations by innovating existing compliance strategies into continuous internal process improvements.

Our staff

Our staff is highly knowledgeable and acquired valuable hands-on experience as aircraft mechanics and component mechanics. This means we speak the language of the mechanic, and that is part and parcel to our effectiveness.

By using proven, innovative methods we will create a sustainable change in your MRO Organization. Not only will this help build a sustainable relationship with your customer, we will also make sure you optimize your internal processes and strengthen your competitive position.

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Do you want to beat the competition, but are you unsure how to get there? And you often experience a gap between your your desired and actual performance? Are you eager to know which improvements would yield actual results? That is where HACE comes in! Let our experts get to work to get the answers you have been looking for, with a Quick Scan. Within a day, with our innovative and data-driven methods, we will determine which elements of your organisation to tackle to get those desired results! Read more about the Quick Scan

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