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Identify your shop’s key areas of improvement: there is so much to win!

One day; everlasting impact. Our Quick Scan will determine the gap between your actual and desired performance and show you how to bridge it. Employing an innovative and data-driven approach, our analysis will focus on your business’ organizational processes and identify where improvements will make a real difference. The day will result in a clear diagnosis of your areas of improvement and a plan of action, in which we introduce the improvement concepts that match best with your organization and team.

Get the answers you have been looking for to improve your shop. Our Quick Scan is the logical beginning to start boosting your revenue!

What you can expect

For an insight into some of our improvement concepts, check out the videos below.

Five Phase Plan

In order to get the best results, we utilize a five phase process. During these phases, we actively engage with every layer of your organization, and work together with your teams to make improvements that have real value.

  1. Define
    In the first phase, we will determine your desired performance. In a strategic session with management, we look at KPIs and annual management reviews together, so as to establish clear goals.
  2. Measure
    The second phase is all about measuring current performance. Like a spider in its web, we perform audits and inspections and analyse your processes. By looking at e.g. MOE, Human Factors and OHSE, we will be able to clearly show your ‘actual performance’.
  3. Analyse
    In the third phase, we analyse the results. Putting actual performance next to desired performance, we are able to see a clear gap. This gap will be the foundation for further implementation of improvements. The analysis process will be aided by tools, such a Pareto Chart and a Fishbone Diagram, in order to focus on the root causes.
  4. Improve
    In the improvement phase, we will look at the best fitting improvement solutions to implement in your organization. In order to ensure smooth transition, these improvements will be implemented step by step and in cooperation.
  5. Control
    In the last phase we make sure to guarantee and maintain achieved results. This can be done by measuring the effectiveness of the implemented measures and determining whether the desired performance results have been achieved. Our methods have proven to be effective and we use tools, such as a KPI dashboard, to deliver insightful data.

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Quick Scan

Do you want to beat the competition, but are you unsure how to get there? And you often experience a gap between your your desired and actual performance? Are you eager to know which improvements would yield actual results? That is where HACE comes in! Let our experts get to work to get the answers you have been looking for, with a Quick Scan. Within a day, with our innovative and data-driven methods, we will determine which elements of your organisation to tackle to get those desired results! Read more about the Quick Scan

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