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HACE aims to make your MRO Organization the best it can be! When we work together, we don’t just identify the areas of improvement, we provide working solutions. Our full-service approach, hands-on attitude and smart innovations will ensure great results. Below you will find an overview of our services.

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    Our experts can identify exactly which improvements in your company’s processes can make a real difference. With our knowledge, smart innovations and hands-on approach we can increase efficiency and get you those higher revenues.
  • Training

    Looking to finetune your skills? We offer courses that make sure you are up-to-date with all the relevant knowledge, in line with the regulations for MRO shops. Our years of experience ensure the quality you are looking for!
  • Consultancy

    Having served the MRO Industry for over a decade, we have the experience and knowledge to tackle any business challenge your company is facing. In need of advice? Look no further!

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News and updates

  • Lean six sigma is not the solution for MRO component shops

    Why does Lean six sigma not work for MRO component shops? I have regularly visited MRO components shops for work, and it struck me how modern, high tech shops are..
  • MRO shop Performance enhancements

    HACE enhances MRO shop Performance through innovative new concept. We have reinvented ourselves. HACE was founded in 2009 with a mission to help innovate the MRO industry with expertise and..
  • No Deal Brexit?

    Come to HACE in the Netherlands to continue your EASA Part-66 Module Examinations! When the No Deal Brexit takes effect on 29th of March 2019, all EASA Part-147 organizations in..
  • Clever Inventory Management

    How MRO shops can manage their inventory more clever Most MRO shops struggle with inventory shortages, due to lack of parts on the market or long lead times for parts..

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"A reduction of 56% TAT in 3 months"
“We are so happy we teamed up with HACE. In only three months time, we managed to reduce TAT with 56%!”

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Do you want to beat the competition, but are you unsure how to get there? And you often experience a gap between your your desired and actual performance? Are you eager to know which improvements would yield actual results? That is where HACE comes in! Let our experts get to work to get the answers you have been looking for, with a Quick Scan. Within a day, with our innovative and data-driven methods, we will determine which elements of your organisation to tackle to get those desired results! Read more about the Quick Scan

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